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The world of work, for scholars and students

For generations, scholars have investigated the world of work, building a detailed picture of the lives of everyday workers, the changes in working conditions, and the struggles for workers’ rights. From the social historians to the cultural historians, and every methodology in between, the history of work has been a critical and productive field.

The Scholars and Students page contains information on workers and their history for academics and students. Here, you can find a detailed historiography of work with summaries, as well as scholarly reviews of important works in the field. Our blog discusses issues in legal history and workers’ rights, and it is written by historians, legal scholars, and graduate students. In the Snapshots section, you can learn more about workers’ lives throughout history. This page also includes resources on the history of employment law.

Working Now and Then offers scholarships for undergraduates and law students. Visit the Working Now and Then Undergraduate Scholarship page to learn more about the eligibility requirements and application process. Law students can apply for the Charles E. Joseph Employment Law Scholarship.


The Scholars and Student section of Working: Then and Now is managed by Dr. Genevieve Carlton and Charles Joseph. Dr. Carlton is an award-winning historian with a Ph.D in History from Northwestern University, and she has taught at the University of Washington, the University of Louisville, and Northwestern. She received tenure with a unanimous vote at the University of Louisville, and her work has been published in top academic journals and with the University of Chicago Press.

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