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Workplace Sexual Harassment Advice

Sexual harassment at work is against the law. But what should victims of sexual harassment do to protect their rights? How do you prove workplace sexual sexual harassment, and what can you do about retaliation?

With over two decades of experience as a sexual harassment lawyer, Charles Joseph offers behind the scenes advice on dealing with workplace sexual harassment.

Behind the Scenes: What an Employment Lawyer Wants You To Know About Workplace Sexual Harassment

Whether you’re considering a sexual harassment lawsuit or you’re looking for the right sexual harassment attorney, “What an Employment Lawyer Wants You To Know About Workplace Sexual Harassment” provides valuable information that you may not know.

For example, when filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, employees can request all security footage that may prove their case. If their employer does not provide the footage, claiming that it was erased or went missing, a judge can consider that proof in favor of the employee.

Victims of retaliation, including victims of sexual harassment who were fired for reporting the harassment, may find it easier to prove their case. Saving evidence that you complained to your boss or supervisor and then lost your job can mean more money in damages.

When it comes to damages, victims of sexual harassment can receive back pay, front pay, and compensation for their emotional distress. Learn more about sexual harassment damages by watching “What an Employment Lawyer Wants You To Know About Workplace Sexual Harassment.”

If you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment and you’re considering filing a lawsuit or a complaint with the EEOC, reach out to attorney Charles Joseph for a free consultation. You can also learn more about your rights on our sexual harassment page, which provides additional information about filing a complaint, sexual harassment damages, and legal protections.

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