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Resources on Employee Rights and Labor Laws from NYC Employment Attorneys

Workers have protections under federal, state, and local employment and discrimination laws. If your rights have been violated, you may be entitled to back pay, punitive damages, penalties, and other financial compensation. Attorney Charles Joseph, with over twenty years of experience in employment law, can help protect your rights. Charles Joseph offers free consultations to discuss your case, and he works on contingency, which means he only gets paid when he recovers money for you.

Learn more about your rights, and take steps to protect yourself if your rights have been violated. Working: Now and Then provides information on wrongful termination, wage theft, discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environments, and workers’ rights.

Charles Joseph and his firm have recovered over $120 million for clients. Federal judges have praised the firm as ‘best in breed’ and for the ‘doggedness with which they pursued relief for their clients.’ Contact New York employment lawyer Charles Joseph for a free consultation and find out if you have a claim today.

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Welcome to Working: now and then

This site helps workers understand their rights under federal, state, and local law, with a focus on New York City. Charles Joseph is the founder of Joseph & Kirschenbaum LLP, a law firm that has recovered over $120 million for clients. Federal judges have praised the firm as "best in breed" and "particularly impressive." He designed Working: Now and Then as a resource for workers and those who care about them. By exploring current employment law, as well as the history of working, Working: Now and Then promotes a better understanding of workers’ legal protections. The Your Rights articles are available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Urdu.

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Working: Now and Then is a resource for workers and those who care about them. The Your Rights articles provides detailed information on employment law and workers’ rights, including what to do if your rights have been violated. Our Scholar/Student section explores the history of labor through scholarly reviews, blog posts,...

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Our Team

Charles Joseph has decades of experience recovering money for workers. As an expert on employment law, Charles created the Working: Now and Then website to help workers understand their rights. In addition to legal experts, the site also publishes contributions from scholarly experts in the history of working.

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Charles Joseph founded Working: Now and Then to reach workers whose rights have been violated. As an employment lawyer, Charles designed the site to help workers learn about legal protections and connect with attorneys offering free consultations. In addition to offering assistance for workers navigating the legal system, Working: Now...

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